William Good, M.D. and Jefferson Nelson, M.D.: Psychiatry Made Ridiculously Simple; (2005)

A practical and enjoyable review of the most important points in clinical psychiatry, including diagnosis, treatment, and case presentations. 4th Edition; 97 pgs., 20 illus.; $13.95.(sample page)
ISBN13# 9780940780682

Edition 5, expected about mid 2015, will include
the new DSM-V classification of psychiatric disorders.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Psychoses
Chapter 3. The Depressed and Suicidal Patient
Chapter 4. The Sleepless Patient
Chapter 5. The Anxious Patient
Chapter 6. Pain
Chapter 7. Eating Disorders
Chapter 8. Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Chapter 9. Medical Problems Presenting as Psychiatric Syndromes
Chapter 10. Psychiatric Conditions of Childhood
Chapter 11. The Patient With Sexual Problems
Chapter 12. Personality Disorders
Chapter 13. Treatment Modalities
Chapter 14. Clinical Review