Behavioral Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple

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A practical, compassionate, and humorous look at behavioral/psychological strategies in caring for patients. Covers stress, chronic pain, depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, sleep disorders, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and developmental stages of life.


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Edition 1 (February 1, 1997)



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Frank Seitz

Private practice in psychology; Adjunct Professor of Medical Science, Montana State University, Univ of Washington School of Medicine.


Section I: Overview, Models, and Mechanisms of Intervention
Chapter 1. Introduction: To Doctors Who Want To Be Healers
Chapter 2. The Biopsychosocial Model of Health Care: More Than Just a Bag of Bones
Chapter 3. Learning Principles: The “Guts” of Behavioral Medicine
Chapter 4. Psychodynamic Psychology: Black Boxes and Band-aids
Chapter 5. Doctor-Patient Communication: Healing Words
Chapter 6. Medical Care and the Family: The Myth of the Marlboro Man

Section II: Clinical Problems
Chapter 7. Stress, Fear and Illness: Tigers, Caves and Coping
Chapter 8. Chronic Pain: When the Medicine Chest Fails
Chapter 9. Depression: A Car Without Gas and Nowhere to Go
Chapter 10. Suicide: “Oh God, Is There No One to Listen?”
Chapter 11. Alcoholism: The Power of Poison
Chapter 12. Drug Abuse: The “Highs” That Bind
Chapter 13. Disorders of Sleep: Cortical Cobwebs and Calamities
Chapter 14. The Tragedies of Domestic Violence: Broken Hearts
Chapter 15. Sexual Abuse: The Intimate Wound

Section III: Developmental Stages
Chapter 16. Infancy: Welcome to Our Planet
Chapter 17. Childhood: The Wonder Years
Chapter 18. Adolescence: Taming the Tasmanian Devil
Chapter 19. Young Adulthood: Stretching for the Brass Ring
Chapter 20. Middle Age: “#@*&%[email protected]#!*&%!”
Chapter 21. Old Age: Going Gently into that Good Night
Chapter 22. Dying and Death: The Cocoon and the Butterfly

3 reviews for Behavioral Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple

  1. DB – Excellent Text and Board Review Book!

    I had the luck to take Dr. Seitz’s class in behavior medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine. His text was one of our’s with Wedding also for those familiar. Anyways, his book was absolutely excellent. If was great in that it was brief and to the meat of the subject. It contained many lists and acronyms which I just can’t seem to avoid in behavior science. This is a great foundation book to review 1st year medical school Behavioral Science. I thought it was very readable and Dr. Seitz has even thrown in a joke here and there to keep you awake. A great book for review, and a must have for all 1st years. I wish the other Made ridiculously simples were this good. Thanks Dr. Seitz
    Montana WWAMI is the best

  2. Frances Ziemann – Nice book, shipped fast.

    Behavioral Medicine Made Ridiculously Simple (Medmaster Series) . It’s simple and easy to read. This is a fun way to learn.

  3. KD – great book

    This book simplifies difficult subject matter for my daughter in nursing school. I have bought at least one for every subject she has taken.

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