Clinical Radiology Made Ridiculously Simple

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A clear, concise approach to acquiring the skills of interpreting the clinically vital components to the most common radiographic conditions seen in the emergency room or on the ward by the non-radiologist. While intended for medical students and residents, it is also useful for nurses, nurse practitioners, PA’s and X-ray technicians.

Each chapter is subdivided into Radiographic Anatomy, Approach and Specific Problem sections. In theRadiographic Anatomy sections, key anatomical landmarks are identified using simple illustrations. In the Approach sections, reading of the radiographic examination is explained using analogies, illustrative cartoons and mnemonics. In the Specific Problem sections, the radiographic findings of the most common and deadly conditions are discussed.

Topics such as MRI, CT, barium studies and ultrasonography are covered in greater detail with the companion Download of Clinical Radiology MRS Atlas program (Win/Mac).


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Edition 2 (February 1, 2015)




Includes download of interactive Atlas of Radiology (WIN/MAC)

About The Author

Hugue Ouellette

Hugue Ouellette M.D.: Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology, Director of Education Musculoskeletal Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Patrice Tetreault

Patrice Tetreault, MD, is Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, CHUM - Pavillon Notre-Dame, University of Montreal.

Free Digital Download of Atlas of Clinical Radiology Program


Chapter 1. The Basics

Chapter 2. The Chest Radiograph

Chapter 3. Abdominal Radiograph

Chapter 4. Intravenous Pyelogram

Chapter 5. Cervical Spine

Chapter 6. Axial Skeleton

Chapter 7. Limbs

Chapter 8. Non-traumatic Skeletal Radiology

Chapter 9. CT Scan of the Head

16 reviews for Clinical Radiology Made Ridiculously Simple

  1. A.C – … Thing about this book it’s simple and truly the best for someone like me

    I have received my book in time and started reading it today am loving every
    Thing about this book it’s simple and truly the best for someone like me . I am doing my part 1 as a radiology registra ( resident ) so this book just simplifies my life and put things into perspective in a very simple way for someone like me who still has a lot to cover including physics this came in handy simplified some aspect that gave me a headache wish I had this book earlier .

  2. K.C. – MRA from BKLYN

    This is an excellent book for students who are very new to Radiology. The approach is great for beginners and I recommend that you have at least a novice anatomy background before using this book. You do not have to know anything much about Radiology to enjoy and learn from these authors. They are the perfect example of patient mentors with a caring approach. Strongly Recommended!!

  3. Dr. D – Five Stars

    Great book for 4th year medical student.

  4. Claudia I. – Five Star

    Radiology 101

  5. CAS – Love it!

    I love this book so much! It is so much easier to understand than my radiology lectures. They have an amazing was of presenting things in such a way that it really makes you understand and remember them. It also comes with a CD that I thought was very helpful. I often have a hard time diagnosing abnormalities in films and I thought that this book really helped me with that. I would suggest this book for any medical student!

  6. PAJackieT – Easy!

    This book is so easy to work with. It gave you exactly the information you need and nothing else. One of the best books of my education thus far.

  7. JaneFear – A good beginner

    This is a pretty good book for a third and fourth year medical student as well as a good quick reference for an intern. I would suggest purchasing it some time in the begnning of third year to help along during rotations. It does have limited CT and MRI information. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

  8. K. L. Ingallinera – Helpful basics and fun too

    As a nurse practitioner with no formal training in reading x-rays, this book has been useful in helping me understand the basics so I can talk to the radiologists and rad technicians somewhat intelligently.

  9. The Maven – I like it!

    I am an MD. I wanted something simple and easy that I will recall easily. This book is very simple and reminded me of simple basics from medical school.

  10. Desert Duck – I LOVE this book!!

    This book was extremely helpful. I am so glad I purchased it. It gave me a quick primer on the basics of CXR, pelvics, etc. that was super easy to understand.

  11. 18DPA – Good book

    For an introduction to Radiology this book is great. Lots of good pics, and like the rest of this series it has catchy little ways of remembering things.

  12. radRounds Radiology Network – Great for medical students and also for basic review prior to radiology residency

    Great book that is excellent for learning radiology in medical school! Definitely recommended for med students. In addition, this is even good for basic review for soon to be radiology residents! Too basic for PGY2 and beyond though but all residents better know what this book covers!

  13. Lana J. Overturf – Five Stars

    Easy to read, great examples

  14. ABDULMALIK AL-ASHRI – Five Stars

    meet my expectation

  15. Joey L. – LOVE the CD that comes with it

    LOVE the CD that comes with it! Super helpful. However, it has a bit too much on it and I feel like there could be a bit more basic information included. Pictures are a bit hard to see, but they explain what you’re looking for which is nice. Overall, however, very helpful!

  16. C. W. – great intro

    This was a great intro to help me jump into the basics of Radiology as I was learning for my job. I would recommend to anyone with decent science background.

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