Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple

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How to examine a Spanish-speaking patient without knowing a single word of Spanish. An enormously helpful, well-indexed guide to communicating in Spanish. Ideal for physicians, nurses, PA’s and other health care workers. Questions in “yes” and “no” format, with correct phonetic pronunciation for each phrase.


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Edition 1 (January 31, 2011)



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Trudy Espinoza-Abrams


Greetings and General Remarks
Present Illness
Past Illness/Family History
– Allergies
– Hospitalization: Injury/Surgery
– Medications
– Drug Abuse (Drugs, Alcohol)
– Immunizations
– Travel
– Occupational History
– Psychosocial History
– Diet

Review of Systems/Physical Examination
– General
– Vital Signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature)
– Skin
– Head and Neck (head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, mouth)
– Neck
– Larynx
– Blood, Lymphatic
– Chest
– Cardiovascular
– Pulmonary
– Breasts
– Gastrointestinal (abdomen)
– Genital and Urinary
– Sexual History
– Pelvic Examination
– Female Menses
– Pregnancy
– Labor
– Delivery
– Endocrine
– Extremities/Musculoskeletal
– Neurological

Laboratory Procedures
– Venipuncture
– Urine Collection
– Sputum Specimen
– Stool Specimen
– Throat Culture
– Electrocardiogram (ECG)
– Radiology
– Ultrasound
– CT Scan
– Spinal Tap

Prescription Directions
Prescription Information
Emergency/Trauma Information
Appendix 1: Cardinal Numbers
Appendix 2: Ordinal Numbers
Appendix 3: Days of the Week
Appendix 4: Months of the Year
Appendix 5: Guide to Certain Letters of the Alphabet
Dictionary of Medical Terminology
Glossary of Spanish Medical Terms
Index of Signs and Symptoms

5 reviews for Medical Spanish Made Ridiculously Simple

  1. Royal Dough Cookie Favors – Assessments in Spanish

    This book was recommended to me by a doctor. I have since purchased 7 giving them to my nursing instructors & preceptors at the hospital. it is very simple to use. it’s organized by systems,includes phonetic pronunciation,and translation in English adjacent to each section. It’s small and thin. Good for assessments, asking patient’s questions about medical history or illness. I would buy one for my own use, and someone at the hospital would need it, so I would end up giving it away. I just bought extras to give away.

  2. April Miller- Cook – A good start

    I really like this book!! This is my second copy because the first book was misplaced. I would recommend it to everyone because it helps you to conduct a basic examination for your spanish speaking patients.

  3. Betty Adelsen – Great little handbook for Medical Spanish

    Anyone who needs a quick reference for medical spanish will find this book an asset.

  4. Girl Friday – Review from a slow reader

    I borrowed this book from a friend on the job and now I’m going to purchase my own copy. The index is very helpful but the disease topics are not as easy to spot in the text as they could be. A little more highlighting or bold type would be helpful to me.
    Also, for my use, I would like to see a format where the phonetic pronounciation is directly below the spanish word itself instead of the whole phonetic phrase to the right of the whole spanish phrase. I found myself starting with the spanish phrase, then looking to the right column to search for the word I wasn’t familiar with, only to find that if I stayed with the phonetic phrase it was taking me longer to say a word I was already familiar with but didn’t recognize in it’s phonetic form. This meant I was doing a lot of darting back and forth across the page comparing and trying to find out where I was. It made for a painfully slow patient interview, but I felt I was obtaining accurate information
    Perhaps, with a little practice I’ll get better at it. I must apololgize to the editorial staff for wanting to cut up the book and re-arrange it to my liking but I think the book is a very valuable and useful tool and I would reccomend it to anyone. You truly do not have to know a “lick” of spanish to use this book and conduct a meaningful interview.

  5. A.C. – It’s in great condition. It has the word/phrase in English

    The book came in the mail. I’ve only taken a look at it once so far. It’s in great condition. It has the word/phrase in English, Spanish and then the Spanish pronunciation as well. Looks like it’ll be very helpful.

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