Ophthalmology Made Ridiculously Simple

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All the ophthalmology most vital for the non-ophthalmologist. This book gives strong emphasis to common disorders, their diagnosis and management at the level of the non-ophthalmologist  – up to the point of referral. Included among these are refractive problems, ocular inflammation, trauma, amblyopia, strabismus, and a variety of additional disorders that cause diminished vision or ocular discomfort.

Companion Digital Download of Atlas of Ophthalmology program (Win/Mac), including movies of common ocular surgical procedures (cataract surgery, lens implantation, Lasik, Lasek, intacs surgery).


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Edition 5 (April 15, 2019)




Includes download of interactive Atlas of Ophthalmic Diseases and Common Surgical Procedures (WIN/MAC)

About The Author

Stephen   Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg, M.D.: Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

William Trattler

William Trattler, M.D. is Director of Cornea Center For Excellence In Eye Care Miami, FL, Volunteer Faculty Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Miami, FL.


Chapter 1. Anatomy
Chapter 2. Visual Disorders
Chapter 3. The Red Eye
Chapter 4. Ocular Trauma
Chapter 5. Retinal Disease
Chapter 6. Neuro-ophthalmology
Chapter 7. Ocular Findings in Systemic Disease
Chapter 8. Ophthalmologic Techniques:
A. Assessment of visual acuity
B. The direct ophthalmoscope
C. The indirect ophthalmoscope
D. Application of fluorescein strips and ophthalmic drops and ointments
E. Assessing the depth of the anterior chamber angle
F. Removal of a foreign body
G. Securing an eye patch
H. The slit lamp
I. Cataract surgery
Chapter 9. Clinical Review

16 reviews for Ophthalmology Made Ridiculously Simple

  1. David R. Amies – Ophthamology made ridiculously simpple

    I am an retired ophthalmologist who spends part of the year supervising medical students in Australia. I deliver a number of lectures under the title of Undergraduate Ophthalmology. Drs Goldberg and Trattler’s little book is an admirable resource for both me and the students I teach. For undergraduates, eye diseases are regarded as tiger country and this little book most certainly provides a splendid guide through the ocular jungle.
    Highly recommended.

  2. A.C. – Great for M3 and M4 students

    Very useful for a third or fourth-year medical student just looking to do well on their ophthalmology elective.

  3. John G. – Five Stars

    The BEST training I got in ophthalmology. Better than in Medical School!

  4. mgn2282 – As good as Gold!

    I read this book the first week of my ophthalmology residency and I thought it was awesome! It was a very concise review with some new points worked in. It has a limited life (will not be of help after the first couple of months) but I think it is a must read for all new ophthalmology residents right before you start.

  5. Jody Cramer – A necessity for training

    We rely on this book to train in nurses who are unfamiliar with ophthalmology.

  6. David Jacobson – Concise

    The book is well written and straight to the point. Perfect for FP/IM clinical needs. The CD is great and has plenty of information that would otherwise require a lot more time to find.

  7. Mario Hevesi – A quick two afternoon read that leaves you on solid Opthalmology ground

    Pros: easy to read, good and simple illustrations, everything you need without excess fuss (from a medical school perspective, not as a specialist)
    Cons: Clinical photographs would be appreciated. Not to be depended upon as an exhaustive resource. Fewer funny and memorable images for those used to “Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple”.

  8. sandy barrett – Five Stars

    Great for ophthalmic beginners.

  9. Susan K Troxell – Full of imformation

    I bought this book and had it sent to my daughter. She had been studying for her COA and has now passed that test and is working on her COT – An excellent adjunctive study guide.

  10. Sami P. Tarabishy – Five Stars

    good book, easy to read, just the basics, helped me ophtho elective

  11. MagicsMom – eyes made easy

    This book has awesome drawings and the wording makes teaching info about the eyes so easy! Anyone can use this book!

  12. Daniel Duff – A Must Read

    Great book for the office staff, the OR staff or anyone in the ophthalmology field. Easy to read and understand.

  13. DHO – Great book for students interested in Ophthalmology

    This is a very simple and easy to read book that gives you enough information to talk intelligently on your ophthalmology rotation. It is not enough to pass the OKAPS nor to get by in your residency.

    It’s a good book for students.

    Wish me luck in the match!

  14. Betsye Gorman – Five Stars

    Best book for learning the system of the eye

  15. John J. Talarico – Four Stars

    Very nicely put together along with the CD which I found very helpful and useful

  16. L.D.S. – Easy to understand

    This was just a helpful book to have around the office.

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