The Four-Minute Neurologic Exam

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Written for the non-neurologist, this book focuses on a rapid approach to neurologic assessment when time is limited  in order to maximize the most useful information obtainable.


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Edition 2 (January 1, 2017)



About The Author

Stephen Goldberg

Stephen Goldberg, M.D.: Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Cell Biology and Anatomy, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Hugue Ouellette

Hugue Ouellette M.D.: Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology, Director of Education Musculoskeletal Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School.


Chapter 1. Principles of Neurologic Localization
Chapter 2. The History
Chapter 3. The Neurologic Exam
Chapter 4. Laboratory Tests
Appendix (The ophthalmoscopic exam)

16 reviews for The Four-Minute Neurologic Exam

  1. Jezzi – Great to brush up on neuro!

    I have practiced for almost 20 years and this brought together what I learned (and forgot) about neuro anatomy. Simplifies,organizes and makes your neuro exam more purposeful. I now perform exams better fit for the patient and their presentation and really make sense of my findings. I would recommend it for someone starting their clinical experience or a new position. Also great if you have been practicing awhile and want to continue to improve!

  2. bestwhit – Perfect Book

    Med student looking to possibly enter neurology. This book is perfect for rotations and will likely help me settle into a residency in neurology if I head that direction. Clear, concise, informative, easy to read. I really couldn’t recommend this more for anyone needing a little brush up on the neuro exam.

  3. Five Prime Studios – This is a must have for acute care providers!

    This is a great book for anyone working in an acute care environment. Paramedics, physicians, and nurses will all gain valuable neuro assessment skills with this book! Easy to read and follow, and an excellent review for anyone.

  4. Gregory M Chase – Great for the medical student hitting the wards PGY1, 2

    Purchased for my medical student, as an attending I find myself often filling in the gaps left from medical school as we translate didactic study to clinical practice. Excellent resource, easy to reach, comprehend, and apply to clinic practice right away. G. Chase

  5. Filipe Santos Magalhães – Very nice.

    It’s a great book.
    Concise but organized.
    You will find informations that in other and greater books you don’t find.
    One of the best for the beginners.

  6. PA- Bill – excellent

    great approach to the neuro exam. Gives a systematic method of checking the entire system in a very short amount of time.

  7. Vladislav Kostin – Helped me not only pass but excel in my Clinical Neurology class

    This book helped me get a very good grade in my Clinical Neurology class. Well worth it, great to have as a go to resource when you need to brush up on your neurology.

  8. NurseTurbo – Very helpful.

    Great book! You may have to reread a few sections for it to make sense but, it’s all in there! Just take your time when reading it and take notes. They help!

  9. Margaryta – Five Stars

    this is a savior for those timed patient encounters at my med school.

  10. Lil Ollie – I find it useful.

    Written for MDs but as a nurse, I find it useful.

  11. TropicalDoc – Five Stars

    Great gift for my neurosurgery NP friend! Thanks!

  12. A.C. – Five Stars

    Classic book for Neuro geeks

  13. Michael Brockman – Review

    This is an efficient review of neuro exams for a clinical setting. I enjoy referring to this while at clinical experiences and find it easy to reference.

  14. EB – Great book!

    This belongs in your library of get medical books! You will value this book at the beginning as well as always

  15. L. Mesina – Four Stars

    Great reminder for neuro PE! Concise

  16. Moneal204199 – very scientific..

    I am a Neuro nurse and a freind of mine suggested this book as a refrence. It is very scientific! The book is written for physicians. It goes into deatail great detail. if this is what you were looking for it is a great book! I learned from it, it was just a little over the top for what I needed it for.

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