The Practitioner’s Pocket Pal: Ultra Rapid Medical Reference

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A very practical collection of frequently used clinical reference material, largely in chart format: History and Physical, Differential Diagnosis, Admission and Discharge Orders, Surgical Orders, Lab Values, Organ Systems, Nutrition, Radiology, Suturing, Infectious Agents, Antibiotics and Other Drugs, Herbal Remedies, Preventive Medicine screening, Spanish phrases, ACLS and Shock, and Notes pgs., for the medical student, intern, resident, nurse, PA and EMT. Easily fits into one’s pocket.


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Edition 2 (January 1, 2017)



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Jim Hancock

Jim Hancock PA-C, M.P.H., practiced 10 years as an EMT prior to working as a PA in Internal Medicine and Cardiology for over 19 years. Jim lectures as an adjunct professor in several South Florida PA programs, as well as acting as educational consultant to numerous PA programs throughout the United States.

Jim has taken his skills as educator and PA program consultant and created access to many programs and students at a distance via PA Excel. PA Excel provides PA educators, students and practicing Physician Assistants with a one stop shop resource for all their education, certification, re-certicification and professional needs.


History and Physical
Admission & Discharge Orders
Lab Values
Differential Diagnosis
Organ Systems (Cardiac, Pulmonary, Abdominal, Neural, Renal, Genitourinary, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Visual, Dermatology,
Endocrine, Hematology)
Differential Diagnosis
Suturing/ Surgical Notes
Common Infectious Agents/ Antibiotics
Pharmacology (Basics, Prescription Writing, Drugs by Class, Common Drugs, Drug Notes)
Herbal Remedies
ACLS/ Shock
Spanish Phrases
Preventive Medicine/ Screening

39 reviews for The Practitioner’s Pocket Pal: Ultra Rapid Medical Reference


    This little book has it all!! I was skeptical until I received it. This ONE little book has a brief yet thorough guide for the practitioner to complete a H&P, hospital admit note and a DC note.

    Following this is lab values as well as what abnormalities may indicate. THEN..Xray. The writer explains (step by step) how to review the films, what findings indicate as well as anatomical drawings and their significance. C XRAY PEARLS and great cardiac information (lead placement, significance, etc.) The EKG section is great. Brief description of cardiac abnormalities as well as treatment!

    Then..ventilator settings, acid base imbalances, ailments per quadrant, electrolyte imbalances, a review of each system as well as informational sections on peds, nutrition, ortho, suturing/surgical notes, a WONDERFUL pharmacy section reviewing prescription writing, pharm basics, drugs by class, etc.

    Also, the guide has ACLS and shock broken down into EASY TO READ STEPS!! I really like the abbreviation sections with good tables on vaccinations, screening tests, and preventative meds. AND…AN entire section on spanish to english..the most common questions a practitioner needs. Lastly, several blank notes in the back to add your own information. Yet the book has a total of only approx. 80 pages!!! Its TRULY PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT!


  2. Piechals – I love this little book

    I love this little book. Fits in my lab coat with ease. If you are just opening a practice and need to create forms, there are volumes of info on HPI, Fam. Hx, ROS, History and Physical. Great info for creating your personal EHR templates if you know how. A great help if you are admitting patients, I can’t begin to list all the GREAT information in this little book.Absolutely LOVE IT!! Lab info, Nutrition Info, Even medical language English to Spanish translation. I would not be without this!!

  3. whitg1987 – Great for Quick Medical Reference!!!!

    I bought this book for use in my clinical rotations for PA school. I quickly fell in love with it!! It gives to-the-point, quick and easy medical information about all the major subspecialties including Ortho, Peds, and even has a section on medical spanish. It gives relevant laboratory values, a quick guide to reading EKGs and chest films, and even has a section for the owner to write notes. It also has a drug reference for commonly used medicines (but it only gives prescribing info, not side effects, etc). I would recommend this to anyone interested in a quick reference for general/family practice. I now carry it in my white coat whenever I am working. Great buy for the price/content!!

  4. Stephen G. Smith – A great little reference book!

    I found this reference to be extremely helpful during clinical training periods when one feels extremely rushed and harried. When trying to think of everything that you should check while treating patients, the comfort of this little pocket aide is nice to have. The history and physical section with admit/discharge summaries is concise and complete. When needed in a hurry, the Labs section as well as the EKG and Heart Murmers sections is very helpful. Also, the herbal remedies section is great for that ER patient who is admitted and can’t remember the name of the root extract that they took for their condition. I especially liked the common drug/herbal interactions section. I heartily recommend this pocket pal to any student in the medical field. It is well worth the money.

  5. Jmint – Nice Little reference

    Has most of the info Maxwells does but has much more to offer. I would reccomend this over maxwell medical reference just for its increased thoroughness.

  6. mila25 – Great for NP/PA

    This is a GREAT book!! Fits easily in your pocket. Most useful for hospital (great H&P , admit, d/c guide) and walk-in/clinic setting. A must have for new practitioners or someone changing specialty. Perfect for students!!!The Practitioner’s Pocket Pal: Ultra Rapid Medical Reference I have multiple books and iPhone apps/programs, this is a great addition…and you can’t beat the price.

  7. Dawn – which funny enough I kinda like the crayons scribbling on some …

    Bought mine second hand from a house with toddlers, which funny enough I kinda like the crayons scribbling on some of the pages…Sort of ink-blot like. A nice way to zone out for a minute and break the cycle of hearing everyone’s woes.
    Genius. Small. But practical and concise information. Also only found after I completed school and graduated…but wow!

  8. DrArmyLyn – WOW is all I can say!

    This is pretty much what I have been looking for for a while. Its so comprehensive and perfect for a first year resident like me. All the stuff I usually have to get to a computer to look up is in this handy book. I’m actually thinking about getting one for Christmas for all the other residents!

  9. T. Thiele – The Practitioner’s Pocket Pal

    This book is a wonderful reference for any medical student or professional. I keep one in my medical jacket (that is always with me) and one in my office (in case I misplace my other book). I have shown this book to several colleagues and their consensus is this book IS A MUST FOR ANY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL OR STUDENT!

  10. birdface – Awesome resource at your fingertips

    Useful, compact guide that is great for students, nurses, NPs, etc. Great for double-checking things on the fly. Spiral binding is a plus for keeping the guide open to a specific page. I will be taking this to all my NP clinicals. Wish I had discovered this little gem sooner!

  11. renchic – Keep this next to your when writing your SOAP notes

    I’ve referenced this countless times during my medical rotations especially when writing up my SOAP notes. Has need to know stuff on writing notes, body systems, specialties, and some Spanish in the back. I’ve been rotating in South Miami and that medical Spanish section has come in mighty handy.

  12. Derek B. – Excellent Quick Reference

    Very good quick reference for lab values, insulin sliding scale, dermatomes, etc. Even though it’s a day of electronics and smart phones I still find it quicker to whip this out for certain things.

  13. Steve Cohen – Outstanding Reference!

    The author has spent time in the trenches as a student of medicine and has incorporated that “handy” information necessary to survive the wards from his own experience and ‘hints” and “tips” recieved from other students and professionals. Physician, PA, NP, nursing and other allied health professionals can benefit from the outstanding pocket reference. Highly recommended for the practitioner, resident, intern, or student in any of the general medical disciplines.

  14. craig – Excellent for PA’s

    Mr Hancock, time and time again I have spread word as to how efficient your text is for PA’s across the country. I have used this book, and given copies of it out to others. Everyone has given it high praise. Thanks for the hard work!

  15. Uh1Hu – Best Scut Book I’ve Seen

    After browsing several other Scut books, this is one of the better out there. The subjects are comprehensive and well organized. I’ve used it in PA school, and am looking forward to trying it out in my upcoming clinical year. Great resource that fits nicely in a scrub or lab coat pocket.

  16. Lauren – Five Stars

    Im a PA student and this has proved very useful on rotations!

  17. Melissa saxton – Five Stars

    SO HELPFUL with rotations. a MUST for any student.

  18. NavyBratRN – Perfect pocket pal..

    This little pocket book would have been a great addition throughout my clinical experience in NP school. I got it in my last semester and it just has a plethora of easily accessible knowledge to help you interpret and collect historys, labwork, physical assessment. It’s great. I used it every day!

  19. KKMM – Great pocket guide for clinical rotations

    his book is great! I didn’t think I would like it at first, but it is really detailed and has been a great pocket guide to use during my rotations (so it’s good for medical students). I definitely recommend this book!

  20. Sylvia Massmanian – FNP- great reference tool

    All the information in this pocket book is all basic and a great reference for when you know something but just can’t remember it! I used it during my inpatient medical rotation to double check myself. The size was perfect because it really does fit nicely in your white coat pocket.

  21. Brian Kasel – Love this book

    Just finished PA school. Love this book. Wish I could have had it during clinical rotations. It’s perfect! Glad to have it now.

  22. Kat K – Wonderful!

    Excellent pocket guide that came handy during my ED clinical rotation! Highly recommended! Even my preceptor got one for himself!

  23. Lanea – OMG this little Gem!

    Received this book today and I’m loving. I’m so glad I stumbled along this book, will definitely recommend.

  24. iliana – Bought this for my nursing student son and he loves …

    Bought this for my nursing student son and he loves it very much. Says it has a lot of helpful items.

  25. Sara – Nice compact reference

    Nice little quick reference for clinicals. Definitely going to be taking it to work when I start my new NP job.

  26. ronnie – Five Stars

    Great pocket tool for new PA/NP.

  27. Britt – Really Helpful

    Currently in NP school and this little guy is a great addition to my arsenal of reference guides!

  28. Brandi Scott – A dream come true

    This little guy is amazing. As a new grad, I love the first few pages for dictating and keeping up with the negatives for an exam and ROS. Such a great find!

  29. Kat C. – I would definitely recommend carrying this with you for quick references

    If you are a nurse practitioner, a student, or even a nurse, I would definitely recommend carrying this with you for quick references.

  30. A.C. – Succinct info over a ton of topics. Excellent for a student.

    I wish I had had this book from the beginning of PA school. It’s pretty basic, but excellent to have as a student. I love the section with differential diagnoses for each common chief complaint.

  31. Cat – Great Pocket Pal

    Perfect little book to carry around for the day. Full of info you need, compact for portability!

  32. Emisha Rodriguez Dickey – Quick Reference

    This resource is good. It is a quick reference to things like labs. It is not bulky so putting it in your pocket is not a problem. I would recommend this for students and practitioners. There is a lot of good information in this book.

  33. DP – Five Stars

    Fills in the gaps for many questions that may arise as you can quickly access from your pocket.

  34. christina wells – Love it!

    Love this! It has all the essentials for performing a head to toe in a compact pocket sized book. Highly recommended for NP students.

  35. Nikster – love it

    I took this to school with me as we are starting an advanced physical assessment course and several of my classmates loved it. I had three other people order it online the same night they looked through it.

  36. Lacey – So much information in so little space!

    This book has so many useful pages. The meaning of lab values, common differentials, popular medications, exam tips, you name it, it’s in here. A must have!

  37. ds – love it!

    I love this little pocket manual! I am a Physician assistnat student and use it all the time! It is especially helpful when looking at patient labs.

  38. Melissa Long – Love it!

    I am a new NP and I adore this guide! There is so much to know and this is very quick and helpful!

  39. Lisa K. Tabor – excellent comprehensive reference

    Excellent for the nurse practitoner. Extremely comprehensive and presented in a systems format. Definitely recommend.

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