USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple

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Not your typical USMLE review book! Imagine this… You’re 1 week away from the big exam, you’ve crammed your brain with information overload and read every vignette under the sun. If you read another novel-like vignette you’ll miss out on an exhaustive review of the most essential diagnoses, patient managements and prioritizations. What to study next? Panic sets in! Don’t worry, USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple has you covered. 

Written in chart format, USMLE Step 3 MRS categorically arranges the most “high-yield” diagnoses, diagnostic tests and patient management facts, in addition to a brief overview about preventive medicine, cancer screening, immunization schedules, “ethical dilemmas” and risk factor algorithms to make it very easy to review all USMLE  Step 3 subjects just days before the exam! The arrangement of medical diagnoses and patient managements in these charts are carefully presented in “step-by-step” flow charts. Beginning with a symptom or sign, diagnostic tests presented at the top of each chart are least invasive and give highest yield. As you work your way from top to bottom, proceed to the next test if the results from the previous were negative. The chart format provides maximum amount of information with the minimum amount of words by concentrating on key associations to help you improve your performance in the “decision making process.” Studying in such a systematic fashion lets you avoid the “high-yield trap” of what to study the week or two before the test.

You’ve done all the hard studying for the exam; now let USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple give you the confidence to tie it all together as your “last-minute memory aid” for the big day!


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Edition 4 (October 17, 2012)



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Andreas Carl

Andreas Carl MD, PhD is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Cell Biology at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He is the author of USMLE Step 1 Made Ridiculously Simple, USMLE Step 2 Made Ridiculously Simple, USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple, and NCLEX-RN Made Ridiculously Simple.


Chapter 1. General Symptoms and Signs
Chapter 2. Electrolyte Imbalances
Chapter 3. Cardiovascular Diseases
Chapter 4. Respiratory Diseases
Chapter 5. Gastrointestinal Diseases
Chapter 6. Urogenital Diseases/STDS
Chapter 7. Hematological Diseases
Chapter 8. Endocrine Diseases
Chapter 9.Musculoskeletal Diseases
Chapter 10. Diseases of the Eye and Skin
Chapter 11. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Chapter 12. Pediatric Diseases
Chapter 13. Infectious Diseases
Chapter 14. Malignancies
Chapter 15. Neurological Diseases
Chapter 16. Psychiatric Diseases

4 reviews for USMLE Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple

  1. J. Saccomando – Excellent Last Minute Review (like a day or two before)

    I sat down and read this book cover-to-cover the day before I took step three. The nice thing about this book is that it lays it out quickly and concisely. It helped with understanding the basics on a diagnosis or treatment. When I took the exam the next day, subjects came up again and again that I had just read the day before. I wouldn’t use this book as my primary review book, but I feel it makes a great backup and “icing” for the cake.

  2. Carol Stella – A useful “bring-everywhere” book

    This book is a spin-off of the USMLE Steps 1 & 2 guide. It’s a handy companion for the busy resident. I found this book useful for instant recall (i.e. buzzwords for disease entities). I recommend it for the content & outline format.

  3. MK – An adequate review book, with disclaimer

    “Medical Boards Step 3 Made Ridiculously Simple” is a difficult book to review, as, depending on the way you learn, it can be a good or bad preparatory text. The book is organized into two sections: the first, diagnosis of relatively broad disease conditions (hyponatremia, cardiac failure, etc.), and the second, treatment of specific disease conditions (candidiasis, aspergillosis, cervical cancer, etc.).

    All concepts are displayed in outline/”logical progression square” format, good (for some) for review, but difficult (for some) to actually learn from. First, second, third, and on steps in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases are displayed, essential skills to know to succeed in the USMLE step 3.

    I personally found it to be a mediocre text, as I require more detail to cement unfamiliar/new concepts into my aging brain. If one is able to truly learn from an outline source, more power to you, and definitely look up this text. In any event, it will be useful to anyone who has already studied and wants a quick refresher a day or two before the exam (but not if you are easily stressed!).

    For detail-learners: get “Crush” and read this a day or two before your test.

    For outline-learners: get “Usmle Step 3 Recall” and read this a day or two before your test.

    For everyone: practice your CCS’s and questions!

    Good luck on your test.

  4. MattnDots – MI intern

    This is a great book to study off of. If you need a quick review and aren’t looking for useless details this is your book. There are quick lists and drop downs that make going over a topic easy. It doesn’t go into great detail but allows someone the opportunity to use one page in order to get the pertinent points of a topic or diagnosis.

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